Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

dinosaurs time!!

Hi everyone :D Long time no post! This is the Electric Pokemon Master and owner of the community and Sunyshore, Gin!!

After a long break from LJ I want to try to get back into the flow of posting my collection updates here (though I am still on a break from moderating for now). But I am pretty backed up on collection updates now so I'll go piece by piece. Hopefully I can catch up before the electric lions get their first merchandise since before B/W (five years I believe it's been?) and Manectric gets his first plush ever! (x)

Today I want to custom Heliolisk plushies!! Which I have been gathering bit by bit over the past XY filled year.

welcome... to jurassic-- er, heliolisk park!Collapse )

ANYWAY!! Sunyshore PokeMart has added ALL of the new promos, including Christmas, new Hoenn plushies, and new Pokemon Petits..........phew!!!! Along with a really cute custom made Shiny Eelektrik and Therian Thundurus plush I hope can find good new homes soon <3

Thanks to all who continue to Support Sunyshore PokeMart! Do you know in 2016 it will be our tenth anniversary?! Meaning the community is coming up on that too.......holy crap!!!!!!
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