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Update on some recent gets and other things!

Hello everyone! I'm here to update you all on some things (Pokedolls, mainly) I recently picked up. I have not received some of them in my mailbox yet due to buying them fairly recently, but I'm sure you'd like to know what I got! The following pictures will show in-game models rather than pictures of the actual Pokedolls as they are not in my possession or I'm too lazy to take pictures of them right now, and I don't want to use photos that are not mine.

I got these three yesterday, but I haven't gotten around to taking actual pictures of them, so you'll have to wait until I do a full collection update!

I'm currently waiting on these. I ordered them from hobby_japan about a 20ish days ago. I'm hoping they didn't get lost in the mail because I've really wanted these, and they'll complete all of the Kalos Pokedolls that I want to collect.

I purchased these guys all today. I was bidding on a Togekiss on eBay earlier today, but I lost it by $1 at the last second, but I luckily found another right away. Duskull, Pansage, and Munna were impulse buys, and Axew was purchased from a fellow community member!

Nonetheless, these are the Pokedolls I'm still searching for. I'm assuming the Hoenn starters will get remakes soon.

I'm so excited to get the ORAS demo on Monday, since I live in the US. I would have played it on my Japanese 3DS, but I have no idea how to import Coro Coro. Earlier today, I created extra Trainer Club accounts so I would be able to get extra codes for those who mistakenly forget to sign up for it.

If you live in the US, make sure you have a Trainer Club account on Pokemon.com and have checked the box in your settings to make it okay for them to send you emails because the code will be given to you in their newsletter on the 21st! You MUST do this by the 19th.

I also discovered that Japan is holding some kind of promotion with Pokemon ORAS called Pokemon Scrap. Apparently, there's going to be these code cards packaged in with various Pokemon products, such as TCG stuff. With these code cards, you can get things like a master ball, rare candy, and even Pokemon like Shaymin, Keldeo, and Victini! I went ahead and preordered two Japanese booster boxes (one for Gaia Volcano and another for Tidal Storm) because the most code cards you need to receive everything is 20, so I can get two of everything!

Also... WHERE IS THE NEW POKEDOLL INFORMATION? The Pokemon Company be Slaking with the Pokedolls. I need to be properly hyped for when ORAS releases!

That is all.
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