kendall4356 (kendall4356) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Need Your Help - Wants!

I managed to pick up quite a few items from my wants list but I'm still looking for some items if anyone can help :3

Still looking for a DX Treecko Pokedoll! - He is now my grail :3
(Possibly the second biggest doll in the picture as well if it's not too expensive)

Sceptile Pokedoll - Still haven't managed to find this guy :/

Treecko Plushies with sticks:
*The first picture is the larger plush, I already have the small one :3

Shiny Pikachu Plush!

Torchic line and Pikachu line zukans!

Also, I'm just curious if the Fuzzy DX Raichu ever had bootlegs made? Because I saw one on eBay for £80 and that seemed really low.. Could it be fake?

Also, I have a huge package coming from Y!J in the next few weeks so I'll be making my first collection post soon!
Tags: blaziken, combusken, pikachu, pokedoll, pokedolls, raichu, sceptile, torchic, treecko, wanted, wants, zukan
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