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Some Good in the Bad - Gets Post

Without getting into too much off topic real life stuff, stuff has been very bad lately, and just when I think it can't get worse, my 1y/o cat needs to be rushed to the emergency vet today for peeing blood. (He has a UTI with crystals in his track. So he'll be on a special diet the rest of his life and monitored.)

Because of all this bad stuff going on and me being incredibly stressed out, my boyfriend bought me a gift to cheer me up. I did kind of suggest what to buy as he had mentioned wanting to buy me something lately, and now was a good time. It was suppose to arrive on Wednesday, but my local post office gave me trouble because it was from Japan and I had to sign for it... but I worked and couldn't.. so I finally got it yesterday after a back and forth note war in the mailbox. Anywho... picture story!

 photo NewPackage01_zps02e06a4d.jpg
Hmm.. it seems to be foreign.. from Japan. Where's the opening?

 photo NewPackage02_zps916b2693.jpg
Found i- ... another package. Huh? A package inside a package. Ok, where do you open THIS one!? I want to see what's inside!

 photo NewPackage03_zpsa70cae02.jpg
GUH! It's inside something else!? How many things do we have to open to see!!

 photo NewPackage04_zps2f54f352.jpg
Aha! It's a new Suicune! Still in another package, but atleast we can see through this one really well.

 photo NewPackage05_zps25e4d464.jpg
UFO Suicune needs to make sure new Pokedoll Suicune is legit. He knows I've been fooled once with one, can't have that happen again!

 photo NewPackage06_zps9f564162.jpg
Yep, he's good mom!

 photo SuicuneCollection101714_zpsb30770c2.jpg
The Suicune family grows! I got the ChouGet on Thursday in the mail. I knew it was small, but wow is that tiny. The detail is very good for such a tiny little thing. I will be getting another Suicune shortly that I bought from someone here on the Community. Can't wait!
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