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Hello all!!

This year i am working as a an elf/photographer for santaclause!!! How exciting.
So i am definitely feeling the christmas spirit!! Annndd thought i would gift myself something super awesome!!!!!

I am looking for a PLUSH ARTIST that uses minky!!!!!

To do a Tyranitar line project for me!! That will preferably accept a payment plan from sometime soon to over christmas!!

I am after, A rather large tyranitar, around the size of the Pokecen one, A pupitar around 12 inches, and a tinyyyyyy larvitar... so kind of copying the Zukan in size comparison!!

And i know this will be expensive!! and i dont mind commissioning one plush at a time but would prefer them shipped together...

so anyone able to or willing to make these plushies hit me up with a quote?

In other news....

He is so much cuter than i ever expected and arrived on friday morning!!IMG_20141017_145416
And he was wrapped so nicely i didnt want to take him out of his wrapper, so he is snug on my shelf with the other larvitars in his nice plastic jacket
Tags: custom, larvitar, pupitar, tyranitar
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