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Introduction post ^_^

Hello! My name is Barbara and I recently joined the community ^_^ I'm a 23 year old French/Brazilian girl living in France, and I've been a Pokemon fan since I started playing Pokemon Blue.

I've been following the community's posts for a while now. At first I enjoyed just looking at the nice collections, but now I caught the collecting bug and started looking for merchandise to buy... I don't have much to show currently, I got back to collecting the cards a year ago and only recently started buying plushies.
I bought my first official Pokemon plush when the Paris Pokemon Center opened in June 2014 and got a Froakie and Fletchling (we couldn't buy more than 2) and more stuff:
Paris PC
I love these two, I already started ordering more Pokemon toys off eBay to keep them company ;) These last 2 weeks I received 2 Wartortle plushies from France and Germany:

And a few items from Japan!
Here's what my collection looks like right now:

As you can see, I especially like the water starters but my shelf is a bit too blue now :P I also like a lot of electric types and canine Pokemon, and a bunch of others too. I'll have to take a look at what's out there and start making a wants list.

I'm looking forward to buying more plushies from you guys, as well as figurines and other merchandise to expand my collection ^_^
Thanks for reading!
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