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Pokécen Pick-Up! ✿ Oct. 25th : ORAS Plush, Hoenn Petit Mascots & Preorders!

Wow it's been a bit…! I'm sorry for the random hiatus and to those who were wondering about pick ups! I've been pretty busy but I'm back now and I'll be doing a pick up this month so check below for the goody details!

Also hooray for new sales banner made by me aaand finally a shop name!♡ (Puchi is slang for small in Japanese!)
prnzssalesbanner fw
I'll be doing a Pokecen pick up for Hoenn plush and Petit Mascots on Oct. 25th and I'll also be taking pre-orders for the straps coming out on November 1st!
I've also listed merchandise from Pikachu OOPS! / Little Tales promo for anyone still looking so check it out!

Payment deadline for this pick up: October 24th, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST
To place an order head on over to the pick up page on my LJ by clicking here or click my sales banner above to be transported. Prices as follows:
• ORAS Pokemon Center Plush start at $20
• ORAS Pokemon Petit - Plush Mascots $13.50 each!
• Pre-orders for ORAS Pokemon Petit figure straps
are $10.50 each *Released Nov. 1st

I've also revamped the rules and added a name to the sevice I've been offering along with my pick ups for awhile now called 'FFA Requests', which basically means that you can request anything that's been released at the Pokemon Center within the past 6 months as long as you fill out the form listed in the rules and are placing a promo order! Old and new customers please have a look at the new rules and feel free to try it out!

Thanks for looking!
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