saffiira (saffiira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

FACTS (Belgian convention) gets!

Yesterday I went to FACTS (short for Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys, Space), this biggest Belgian convention.
I found Eevee stuff! There was a lot more than what I bought, but my wallet couldn't handle it anymore haha =)
I also bought a Diancie plush, a little Uxie and Shaymin figure, and an Espeon coin <3 Also look at that cute Espeon figure! I couldn't resist taking it with me =3
2014-10-18 21.27.37

Here's one of the booths on the convention, this one had the most Pokémon merchandise. Well, they only had Pokémon merchandise so yeah.
2014-10-18 16.32.27
2014-10-18 16.32.34

Really happy with my gets, wish I could buy more but I'll have to wait til next month. New month, new money! ^^
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