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Chu Sales: More figures, plush, and prices reduced!

Hey everyone, I'll be away from October 26th to November 8th and I still have a lot left over from my last sales post. I added some more items as well as reduced the prices on some of them. Items will be packaged and shipped within 24 hours. C:


* Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014.
* My feedbacks: ( new / old )
* All pkmncollectors rules apply. I do not do business with non-members and banned members of the community.
* I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. (i.e. negative feedback)
* My home is pet-friendly and smoke-free. I have a dog and a cat, but they never go near my collection.
* I can hold items for 48 hours.
* No trades or haggling at this time.
* Committing to a purchase gets priority over a quote, unless it is a large item.
* I cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen/damaged/opened/etc. items. Once it's been mailed off from the post office, it is their responsibility.
* I can take additional pics of any items upon request.

I accept PayPal only at this time (no e-checks). Prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Payment must be made within 24 hours unless we've agreed otherwise. All sales are final.

I ship with USPS First-Class from Guam (U.S. territory) to worldwide, shipping to mainland United States is considered domestic. Domestic shipping starts at $1 for flats // $2.50 for small items & plush. International shipping starts at $1.50 for flats // $6 for small items & plush.

I use bubble mailers when I can. I also recycle packaging materials to keep shipping costs low; so if you want your items to be shipped in a box or new materials, let me know. I do postal runs Monday thru Friday, 8AM - 3PM ChST (Chamorro Standard Time), excluding holidays, weekends, or if weather doesn't allow (typhoons/tropical storms are common during the summer time).

Pikachu Oops! Plush (with tags): $20
Green ribbon Pikachu (next to Pika Oops!, with tags, hang tag is slightly bent but no creases): $10 SOLD

Small MPC Pikachu (next to green ribbon Pika, with tags): $7 SOLD
Bigger Banpresto Pikachu (with tags): $8
Tokyo Bay Pikachu keychain (with tags): $15 $13
Raichu Petite (with tags): $12

2014-10-21 00.19.02
Pikachu Tomy figure: $3
Surfing Pikachu Tomy figure (a little dirty): $4
Tomy Yveltal (comes with stand): $10 $8

2014-07-06 22.37.24
**Flash Fire Mega Charizard X EX (69/106): $25 $20
**Near mint condition, will be shipped in a cardboard envelope with extra sleeves.

Thank you guys for looking, have a safe Halloween! ^^
Tags: banpresto, charizard, pikachu, pokecen, raichu, sales, tcg, tomy, yveltal
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