Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets! Halloweenchu's and Xmas pokés inside! Also, Sales update!

Wanted to show off a couple gets! Eveelution Jakks, cool Pikachu plushes, and some group pics. So here we go....

I bought a lot of Jakks figures the other day specifically for the Eeveelutions! I got pretty lucky with the lot as it had most of them in it. Though unfortunately it did not have Leafeon which was one I really want, and Flareon and Umbreon came to me missing legs. =/ But, hey I can't complain because these guys look good! Also, I got the Lapras mascot ufo. So tiny and cute! I almost want a second one for my purse!

My newest Pikachus! I really love the Pilotchus. Pikachu looks great in uniform right? SO HAPPY about getting hold of the Xmas chu! I was in love with this hooded chu since I first saw it<3 And of course I had to get the new Halloweenchu.

Xmas Pokés! They look great together! The older xmas chu is quite a bit larger.

Halloweenchus! I love these and will have them out for decorating. Happy early Halloween pokecollectors! Did anyone notice the imposter in this picture?
p.s.: Always looking to add more pika pumpkin plushes to my little group here if anyone is selling. I especially would love a less faded plain Pikapumpkin.

Sales update! I have added a couple items including Espeon, and Glaceon Jakks as well as putting the card lots on eBay. I also lowed prices on almost everything, and I have some discounts going on:
*** I also just added some choco egg figures to my sales!
I want this stuff gone so I've decided to accept haggling on orders over $40 for purchases of multiple items, this extends to the items on eBay.
Tags: articuno, chespin, eevee, espeon, fennekin, figures, froakie, gets, glaceon, jolteon, lapras, moltres, pikachu, sales, slowpoke, vaporeon, yveltal, zapdos, zigzagoon
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