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A Couple of Gets and Wants I'm searching for

I had a few packages come in this week (and more are on the way...I can't stop...send help!) But I couldn't be happier ^_^

2014-10-19 22.51.09
Welcome my first set of figures and kids :D Of the Togepi line of course ^_^ My Togekiss Kid was so happy to have new friends to join her. All we have to find now is her figures and even more Togepi to make that little family complete.

2014-10-20 16.11.57
And then we have the main reason for that cut name. Ahh! The Kanto starters! (minus Charmander but he's on his way so he'll join his brothern soon) Big thanks to starpurrloin for these two and even more I have to think them foooor

2014-10-20 16.12.25
This wonderful set of cards! It's like you knew that I've been contemplating on collection them again or not after losing over half my collection a few years ago and...I just might. Only time will tell. But I really wasn't expecting them so thanks again! XD

Now that that is out of the way, I think it's okay to say a certain plush that I'm looking for? Of course I'm still looking for the rest of the starters, but my friends and I have decided to go to a mini con that's held in our town recently. And I really want to find this Purrloin for my cosplay:

(Image is taken from Google images so if its yours, please let me know if you want me to take it down!) But I want to do a Team Rocket Grunt (so original I know), but it's my first con so I rather just start out small and I love these little thieving cats and want to go outside the box and not use Meowth XD

Also, if anyone happens to have a Joltik kid or Cheren Crossed Boundaries Holo card could you please let me know? owo I recently purchased Bianca so I'd love to have his as well. Thanks again everyone!
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