classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for...,

Hi yall!! I had ordered from caddieneko from what seems like a month ago and still haven't got the package, so I want to try again! (Which I do not blame her in anyway bc it's beyond her control) so does anyone have a professor sycamore card and a blind packaged pokemon choco egg they can sell? I would love to buy ^^

Btw I ordered from hobby_japan two weeks ago and my package hasn't arrived, should I be worried? 0-0

Important notice: I am temporary closing my shop due to my job but you are more than welcomr to place an order.

Son of a...! There was a local fair and they had this giant Pikachu as a prize! Which brand is it from??
Thanks everyone! Have a..... Classy day aaaahhhh!!!
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