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Kids Received... Finally!

After almost three weeks of waiting, the children finally arrived on my doorstep today. ^^ There are still some leftover, so go ahead and browse. I will list the ones that have already been previously claimed/bought.

First, the kids I'm keeping:

Milotic is most definitely a runt in the litter of kids. The paint job on it's eyes is pretty bad and it wobbles forward. Plus, it's a bit dirty. =/ But I'm very excited about Manectric and clear Raichu. :3

Leftovers and claimed kids are under the cut...

Sorry about the hazy pic. Dunno why it came out like that. =/ Anyway...

Articuno(I think it's the upper half of the large kids figure...), Delcatty, Ralts, Snubble, Barboach, Metagross, Abra

Everything else is up for grabs! All the kids are $4 each. Shipping will be a flat $2 with the US. International buyers, please inquire about pricing as it will vary by location. I prefer Paypal, but I also accept bank MOs from the with the US. Please no international MOs. Concealed cash is okay, but it's risky.

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