Kristin (unovacastaway) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush update! (& legitimacy Q)

Wassup everybody? I'm still around, but have been crazy busy with job applications and other stuff. I went to New York Comic Con for three days, which was exhausting but rewarding! (got tons of "I found you" shouts for my Waldo genderbend, and saw Vic Mignogna try to summon Bill Nye in the autograph area!)

I did get a number of new plush since my last post, especially from multiple trips to Nintendo World and NYCC. Nintendo World stocked a bunch of new plush with English tags, and it was nice to finally see Delphox out there. The Clawitzer plush is really funny, though. It's all about the big claw while the actual body is a tiny side thing made from a rougher fabric!

Also, I'm planning to start my first sale soon, but I have some figures and a plush that I don't know if they're legit or not. (I really wish this comm had a legitimacy check post for all of this.)

Here's a Manaphy figure for which I just can't figure out the brand.

This is an older, worn Charizard figure.

I read somewhere that this was supposed to be a Tomy plush, but it never came with a hangtag, and there's no tush tag either.
Tags: banpresto, charizard, chespin, clawitzer, deerling, delphox, ditto, goomy, manaphy, plush, pokecen, shaymin
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