handmadehail (handmadehail) wrote in pkmncollectors,

introduction and some wants

Hi I'm Hailey from the USA. I have already bought some things on here and I'm very happy with how friendly everyone is and how much I've learned about poke merch! I'm lovin' it!! :D

I'd love to post pics of what I have and what I've gotten, but they're displayed at home and I'm away for the school year. Come Thanksgiving time, you will all be subject to pictures of my stuff though oh-ho-ho. ~

I love Blastoise; he's my number one! But I'm also looking for some kyogre, dragonite, flygon, kyurem, squirtle, and other stuff from certain sets. I'm mostly into figurines, but my blastoise pokedoll has stolen my heart, so I think plushes will win me over one day.
And cards. Lots of cards.

What I'm looking for!! ... with no pics

litwick, pikachu, lucario, mewtwo, shaymin, victini, and piplup American Rumble U Figurines (come in white/red capsule and have black plastic wrap). I really wanna finish this set!

entei, emboar, tepig, oshawott, and snivy tcg figurines with bases (not tfg, like bottle cap figures I think but come in box releases of Pokemon cards?) These are the last tcg figurines I don't have that are out so far!

I saw this somewhere and I don't know where (probs here), but I loved them at first sight. The playsets based on the houses from pokemon rescue team. I have no idea how to find/buy these, they seem rare? But I must have them!!

blastoise items I don't have...which I realize isn't very helpful. There's too many Blastoise items out there and I jusy don't know that much about them. :C
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