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Good things come in threes. :D

Today has been...successful. :D

First, I was hunting around for big Pokémon plush on Ebay, as I regularly do, and I found a 1/1 scale Chikorita. I already have one (it was previously a grail of mine), but I know these are super-rare and I remembered that goku_the_saru was saying it was a grail of hers, too! So I sent off a PM and (as she already posted) thankfully she got the PM in time and snagged the Chiko! Yay! \o/

While that was good news by itself, while I was reading the item description the seller mentioned offhand something about listing a giant Marill later. After checking her current items for sale multiple times just to be sure, I concluded she hadn't put it up yet so I inquired about it. Long story short we haggled a bit and I have now purchased myself a 1/1 scale Marill, which I've been after for a long time! HOORAH!

I haven't the faintest why, because I've already got enough purchasing going on at the moment, but I randomly decided to check SMJ. Just, you know, in case. Of...who knows what.

Well, I started at the newest Pokémon plush listings in case something new popped up that no one had seen yet, and I found this brand new listing:


It just happens to contain the other pose 1/1 scale Pikachu I've been searching for, in addition to...supah-rare LOTTERY AMPHAROS, which I lost in an auction a few weeks ago due to some errors I made and was very disappointed about.

Now, that's great and all, but the really REALLY amazing part was the price: Buy It Now for 1500 yen. I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes, checked it and re-checked it, and won myself a lottery Ampharos and the other 1/1 scale Pikachu! Shipping is going to be some fugly number I don't want to think about, but worth it? YESSSS.

(Also, most/all of those other TOMY plush will be for sale when the auction arrives at my house.)

I'm happy today. :D

On a related note, I still need myself a 1/1 scale Totodile. If you have one you're willing to sell or happen to see one around, let me know! Drop me a PM or whatever, and this applies for as long as I don't have one. 8D So even if you see one in a few months, drop me a PM! I've got 1/1 scale Pikachu, Pichu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Celebi, Mew, Skymin, and a few others so I really have my eye on Totodile.

Also looking for a Vaporeon Pokédoll in good condition, as I have every other Eeveelution Pokédoll but her!
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