jodiejolteon (jodiejolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets over the past few months.

Long time since I last posted on here, since I moved house I had a break from pokemon collecting. But not so long ago I got back into it :) so here are the stuffs I got.

Firstly here are some of my new things, pokemon Jelly snacks from early 2000, spheal plush, pokemon advance kids, minun and plusle toy cars.

The things new here are the torchic advance figure, Charizard power bouncer and the flareon figure.

Finally I got something I've been looking for ages a water museum (so happy). Also there's some old school plushies, 10th anniversary target figures, 2 picture sliders and 2 games snap and pinball.

Thank you for reading :)
Tags: collection, spheal
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