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Is this pokedoll legit? Also still searching for a particular fairy ...

Hi guys, I hope everyone's week is going well so far. I just got a package in from Noppin and want to be extra thorough with a ghostly get -- namely a Gengar pokedoll. I know Gengar's popular among bootleggers, but I'm just not great at identifying his booties. When in doubt, ask for help, right?

EDIT: The verdict is out, Gengar's the real deal ^^
I am going to keep this post up, though, so others can read through the comments because kidgengar and everyone else's explanations are really informative.



I think he looks legit -- he has his star tag still attached, the minky doesn't feel too long, and there aren't any splitting seams/loose threads (and he actually stands up pretty well!). He does, however, have a small space on his mouth where it looks as if his stuffing wasn't properly distributed. Because I'm so awful at identifying his booties, though, I can't be sure if it's just a fluke or a major tip off.

On another note, I'm also still looking for a few pokedolls and since my other wants post went so well, I figured I'd add it in.  My high priority is still:


- a MWT Jigglypuff pokedoll

I'm also interested in eventually getting:
- a MWT Marill pokedoll
- a MWT Teddiursa pokedoll
- a MWT Turtwig pokedoll
- a MWT Magikarp pokedoll
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