SweetKumiho (cupcakebullets) wrote in pkmncollectors,

super slow want! collection update.

I have a mighty slowpoke want...

I am in need of a slowpoke pokedoll! I really don't care if he has a tag or not I just really would love to have him in my collection!  I've seen them going for about 40 mwt so id like to stay around there if I could. I'm located in the US...


I've been on the community for over a year now so I figured it was time for an update.  Unfortunately I live with my boyfriend and his family so I don't have everything displayed but I took pictures sooo onward!

my little corner. I've added a little more but there's limited space. Also the painting behind them I did a few months back.

there you have it a year of collecting. not pictured are my tfg figures but they are in package and I'm unsure if I want to keep them, my 3ds and games, and still waiting on a package.

it's been amazing being a part of this community.  I'm so happy I found it even if my wallet isn't. 

I did this on my phone so if something is wrong let me know and I apologize in advance

Tags: collection update, gengar, pokedoll, pokedolls, slowpoke, wants
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