theblackvixen (theblackvixen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update and get!

It's small, but it's growing! :)

Below we have:

Pumpkaboo banpresto UFO dekkai plush

-this guy is huge and precious, I just wish his little vine swirl stayed up! X3 wonderful snuggly plush!

Pokemon center Spooky party pumpkaboo keychain plush

-went directly on my bag after the photo! He's so soft and cute! the little bowtie killed me xD <3

Sitting fennekin Tomy plush

Vaporeon bootleg (Sadly D:)

- The first plush I purchased myself, I was sadly duped when I purchased it from a hong kong seller on Ebay -.-; I have purchased a regular pokemon center standing vaporeon plush that is on it's way, but I decided to keep her to remind myself to be more cautious when buying! Her name is boots xD

Pokemon center 2013 Sitting charizard takara tomy plush

-My first serious get in plush collecting! Rare little guy, hard to come by nowadays. He's apart of my main team collection.

Enjoy! <3

Tags: charizard, fennekin, plush, pumpkaboo, vaporeon
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