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My personal grail get + how to get ORAS demo

So... recently I got the chance to get a plush I always wanted from the day I first saw it.
I knew it would be quite expensive, and nearly impossible to get without a bunch of custom fees (Europe, yay...).

BUT my day has come! :D
And fluna_daiyunel is my personal hero here. :) <3 She got two of these for me. One for myself, one for my dear friend boldscheck (she is new to pkmncollectors).

Eevee, will you help me? <3
Photostory start!


Wait, is Eevee even able to learn Scratch??

"I can already seeeee ya!! Can you even breathe in there?"

"Better, isn't it? Man, your ears are longer than my whole body! Come out already!"

"Look, Fluna brought us a letter! Will you read it for me please?" :3

"Aww, look at that little drawing, it's so cute! Is that me? Or you?"

"Look, even Espurr has come to meet you!"
"Er... welcome to the team, big Eevee. You may have a piece from my pokepuff."

Oh yes, it's the big Banpresto HQ Eevee laying plush, in case you didn't notice. ;)
Her name is Mary. She's the sister of roussil's HQ Eevee Myra, because hers also came from the same shop (chunichi comics). Mary is by far the softest plushie I own, even softer than the other DX Eeveelutions or the 2011+ canvas. Her proportions are perfect and I didn't expect her tail to be so... wiggly. :D

And I may know a very easy way how you can get a ORAS demo code, in case you didn't already. :)
EDIT: Seems to work for European countries only, not for the US. :( Could be a regional code issue.

Please tell me if this is somehow against the community rules! I checked them, but in case I missed a rule, please say so! :)

This is what you do:
1) Use this link:
    It should lead you to a German website, it's the official Nintendo website of Austria.
2) Type your e-mail adress into the white bar and click on the red button below. It says it will only use your adress to send you the code and will be deleted from the system after the campaign has ended.
3) It will ask for your home country. Just tell them it's "Österreich". That is Austria in German language. ;)
4) Check your e-mail, then enter the code into the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS.

Note: They only have a limited number of codes for each day. So if they run out, just wait for the next day. ;)

That's all for this post! :D
See ya! :)

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