moonliteumbreon (moonliteumbreon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey caddieneko, if or when you see this post, could you please read? :)

Hey caddieneko, sorry for having to try and make contact you this way but I literally could not think of any other way to get your attention. I'd like to make it clear now: I'm not trying to make a scene or anything, and I'm not trying to hound you or harass you. But I think we may be experiencing a bit of a one-way communication problem: from what I can understand from my end, you're not receiving notifications of my replies to your comments, nor are you receiving my PMs! So in order to be able to communicate with each other, could you please bookmark this thread or make a note of the date so you can revisit it?

I will be checking this thread/replying daily so even if you don't get a notification that I've messaged you, can you please come back to this thread regularly until we fix this as it's the only way I am able to talk to you (assuming you see this in the first place!! -fingers crossed- :3 )

Okay, so you replied to my comment (when I was asking around after you) 2 days back on classypersian's thread ( saying "Whoops! Sorry, but could you link me? I don't have any notifications of a message? But I just got a new phone a little while ago, so maybe I missed it in my inbox." to which I sent you the link, but once again was met with silence. I'm not 100% sure if this is because you haven't been on the last two days or what, but considering how none of my previous messages had been responded to/seen by you, I have my doubts that my reply 2 days back reached you either - thus this post!

Here is the thread in question. You were offering to sell me a Serperior Japanese pokedoll plush (to which I had accepted the price, and then the communication problems began):
Could you please let me know if you still have her? I've been hanging on since the 5th of October for your paypal address so I could send payment, but now I don't even know if you've sold her in the meantime thinking I hadn't responded to you!! D: If you still have her, I still want to buy her (and I'd committed to her) so please don't sell her if you haven't already! T_T

Also, it came to my attention that another member chaos_21 is experiencing the exact same problem as me - they have replied multiple times to one of your posts, yet you have not seem to have seen their posts and not responded to them either. For convenience sake, I will also post the corresponding thread here:
After the 1st of October you don't seem to have been receiving their messages either? They were asking for a quote for a "snack tote bag ( and the Sylveon ippai figure" I believe, from my reading of the thread before communication between you two got cut. They also posted a reply to your comment on classyperian's thread (which was in response to my comment) following up on this but have also not received a reply, so I told them I would also bring this matter to your attention when I made this thread.

Neither of us are mad, just making it clear, but this one-way mirror communication is a little bit frustrating I must say, but I realise it is as inconvenient for you as it is for us, as you are unable to make any sales if you aren't aware that people are trying to buy from you. May I suggest you take a look at your notification settings/is your inbox full/are you only receiving notifications from specific people or blocking others? I am pretty certain something weird is going on on your end and you might want to find out what's causing it!

Note: If anyone else on the community has been experiencing problems contacting caddieneko as well, please reply to this post including a link to the thread that you wish to bring to her attention!

P.S. If this thread doesn't work, yet someone else on the community who has been successfully able to contact caddieneko and get a response from her within the last 2 weeks/knows caddienkeo irl etc. sees this, could you please alert her to this thread if she doesn't see this? It would be really appreciated as this is really the last resort method I could think of to try and alert her to her notification problem (and I actually don't know what I will do if this doesn't work, lmao)! Thanks so much! :3

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