aaronmichaeld (aaronmichaeld) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll collection and other things

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd already know that I received my package from hobby_japan yesterday that I waited almost a month for! I was feeling creative and made this to show off all of my Pokedolls. Keep in mind though, I have Togekiss, Munna, Pansage, and Duskull on the way! I'm 13 Pokedolls away from where I want my collection to be. After I find those 13, I'll just wait for them to release new ones! If they don't release new ones for a while, I made a list for really low priority Pokedolls I might want. I'll share that later, if I ever need to. LOL.

Anyway, look:


I've also been in the YouTube video making mood, so here's some plugs for some recent ones I made...

For those of you keeping up to date with ORAS, I made a comparison video of how much Mossdeep City has changed, since that's where the demo takes place! I don't have a capture card, so please excuse the bad video quality. I'm looking into getting a capture card eventually.

I also wanted to start making merch update videos for the people of YouTube, since I know that the whole world isn't on here. This was basically a test for me, as this stuff have been announced for a bit. Please let me know what you think of it. I know that I could work on making my voice sound more exciting and getting better equipment and learning how to actually edit would make it better overall. Despite that, let me know.
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