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Tons of Fun GA arrival!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tons of Fun GA arrived at our home today! I have had a few messages, strangely all within the last 24hrs, so I'd like to confirm it's safely here and that the majority of postage quotes for Payment 2 will be up this weekend.

It was supposed to arrive on Monday, and we paid the courier's custom fee to deliver it, and stayed in all day. And all Tuesday. Parcelforce forgot to mark it as "paid" and after a terse phonecall, it arrived this morning. :)

I will post photos of the customs form, the postage label on the box as it arrived when I do Payment 2.

Now, this isn't a drama post but my partner will be having a hospital treatment on Friday that will leave him incapacitated for most of the weekend, and I'll be making sure he's okay and fed and comfy, so please don't be too mad if i'm slow to reply on those 3 days. I am not vanishing with your goodies! We're starting to sort them tonight, but it's a very big box.

What this post is for:

If you want your items sending in a box, tell us now please.
(Tins and mugs will be boxed, they would otherwise be broken)

If you would like one of the little free Pokemon centre carrier bags, tell me now please.

Do not ask me about individual item condition in this post.
We will note conditions if they are anything other than nice and new, and take better pictures when there is time before the weekend. Everything is packed away safely now.

Here's some quick, initial notes:
Sadly we were mistaken on a couple of items - The Maison Eevee "wallet" is a large luggage tag. The Maison eevee "tin" is a deluxe jigsaw. They're both in mint condition, but due to original pics, couldn't be IDed properly.
The leafeon stamper has no bottom cover. We've bagged it to preserve the remaining inkyness and stop any mess.
The large eevee plush's box is no longer a box, but the eevee is mint and bagged. Maybe the box can be taped.
The mug is safe and no damages.

1 - Z6DD1hj

Click for bigger versions of pics
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