slowpoketales (slowpoketales) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello again every one ! i've decided to collect a certain type plush !

hello everyone !

recently ive been looking around at different plush , and one 'type' has caught my eye . the kuta laying plush ! i have decided i want to collect these . they have a type of terry cloth material and are 'lazy' looking ! lol =)

i have decided to collect kuta plush !
marill , cleffa , poliwhirl , ditto , elekid , sentret , jigglypuff
slowpoke , mew , wooper , togepi , snubbull , chikorita , quagsire , bulbasaur , squirtle
totodile , cyndaquil , miltank , smeargle , eevee , aipom, meowth
lapras , charmander , pikachu , pichu , sleeping pikachu , psyduck

am i missing some ? please let me know !!! picture was taken from google , let me kno if it is yours . i managed to score a charmander eevee and ditto .
edit:: oh i also think i managed to get a pichu from a groupauctoin that just ended !

looking for the others !

please message me if you have any / know of any one who might any for sale .

also, here is my wants post ---
im still in search of the 1:1 cyndaquil and a chikorita .. already have totodile =)

thanks !!!
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