atlantia_rai (atlantia_rai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Downsizing time! Auction listed~

Hey all! Long time no post. I have decided with Christmas approaching, and always new and cute merch being released (OMG Little Tales I'm looking at you!!!!) that I need to downsize my collection. Zorua is still my #1 home boy, so I need to really tame down everything else. XD

I just posted my lot on eBay. Take a peek if you're interested! <3 If anyone is interested in GAing it, I would be more than happy to help out with any questions, extra photos etc.

Thanks for looking y'all! I guess now that I've downsized, I have to re-arrange. I have some awesome gets too (major grail!!!) so I'll have to post a huge update.
Tags: group auction
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