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Mice, mice everywhere!

Hi, everybody! Nice to finally do a new collection update post here after such a long pause (5 months, yikes!). I hope you’ve all been doing well and found nice new additions to your collections. ^^

Without further ado, let’s get to the point – that means lots of Raichus!

Pokémon Time plush from eBay. I think I still prefer Raichu’s normal ’black with a white highlight’ eyes to these cartoony ones, but the plush is really cute all in all! Now I’m just afraid its ears get broken, they seem to be quite fragile.

Pokémon Petit plush from eBay. Somehow this merch line reminds me of the characters from Pokémon Rumble.

I Love Pikachu + plush from eBay. It’s utterly adorable and quite big as well! It’s like a sibling to
Raichu plush.

Pokémon Time strap from eBay. In addition to the figure itself, also the packaging is quite nice.

Pokémon Petit handtowel from denkimouse. There’re so many nice things in this line I’m almost tempted to buy some doubles to use instead of keeping as a collective. Maybe some day. ^^

Pokémon Petit pencil case from denkimouse. Especially this one I’d like to use at college, but I seem to be just too OCD. xp

This is no official merchandise, but a really nice birthday present from a relative of mine. :) I was really moved.

A puzzle from chariflame. I’m not quite sure if it’s official or not, as the pieces are a bit wonky and the picture a bit odd, but at least all the colours are correct. I also like that artwork of Raichu which isn’t too often seen in merchandise.

A playing card from hebilea.

A new TCG card from eBay.

Pokémon Time sticker from denkimouse. I like the tiny lightning bolts. :)

Then, finally, a little surprise for you! I heard from a friend of mine that in a particular city in Finland there’s a small Raichu graffiti. I happened to be in that city, so I searched for the graffiti according to the instructions given by my friend. It was quite a nice find. :)

If you'd like to see my whole Raichu collection, here's my collection page. I'm just too lazy to take any photos of my whole collection, so I hope that's somewhat of a substitute. Feel free to use the pictures in your wish lists - just remember to give credit. ;)

Oh, if I’ve forgotten to give feedback to any of you, please let me know! It’s been quite a long time since my latest post.

Have a nice day/night (depending on your location – in Finland it’s late evening right now :p)!

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