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i am writing with another request. someone was able to help me last time (Snorunt kid). so i thought i would try again:)

i have two of my friend's birthdays coming up pretty soon. (October 25th and 31st). One of them LOVES Mudkip, Plusle, and Minun. The other friend LOVES Umbreon. Does anyone by chance having anything for sale with these pokemon? i know there have been a lot of sales post recently, and i have looked at them all and if there have been these pokemon, i have missed out on them. i don't currently have enough in my paypal to buy anything, but i would be able to add money to my account. i am looking mostly for figures and plush. but anything else but cards will work. reply if you have anything. thank you so much! :)
Tags: minun, mudkip, plusle, umbreon
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