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Mega Gardevoir

Update to my collection! :)

Hey again guys!
Mega-Gardevoir here again! :D
It's been a while since I last posted, and I wanted to make this post sooner byt procrastination got the better of me xD;
Because I make this so late, there's going to ba another collection update post probably tomorrow!~

Visit to see my entire collection & recent updates!

Gardevoir Collection Updates:

This has been on my list for a loooong time, The Pokémon Time Gardevoir themed iPhone 5 case.
I love the Pokémon Time artwork style a lot!
I don't own an iPhone, so I won't use it, and it was pretty expensive for a cover (like all apple-related products I guess)
But I'm pretty happy with it, it's so pretty I can't stop looking at it *-*

I also managed to grab these cuties on eBay, now completing the evolutionary line (I already own Gardevoir)
The Ralts and Kirlia staks magnets!

Here is another nice addition to my collection,
a sealed mint Japanese promotional Gardevoir card from 2005!

And the last Gardevoir item in this update post is this one!
Pokemon Versus Card No.031: Gardevoir vs. Manectric
I found these in a set on eBay, it's the only one of Gardevoir I've seen on eBay,
I know there's more but I haven't found them yet o:

General Pokémon Collection Updates:

I love Gardevoir, it's my favourite Pokémon ever.
But the second spot on my list has to be Mawile. I already own a Gardevoirite Mega Stone so I bought
a Mawilite Mega Stone as well, to complete my collection of favourite Mega Evolutions!
Most others on my favourites list don't have Mega Evolutions (yet) unfortunately!

Speaking of Mawile, I found a Staks Magnet of it on eBay too!Couldn't pass up on this cutie~

While not really part of my top-favourites (Gardevoir, Mawile & Weavile), the Fennekin evolution line is pretty cool to me,
I enjoy their designs a lot, especially Braixen!
I got this 1/40 scale Zukan set for not too much, so I couldn't say no ^^

Similarly to the previous one, this 1/40 scale Zukan set of Litleo and Pyroar appealed to me,
I really like Pyroar's design, both versions of it, and i really like the figure quality of it!

These four versus cards came in a set with the Gardevoir one in an earlier photo.
I don't really collect any of the pokémon depicted, so I guess these are for sale?
I don't have sales permission on pkmncommunity yet, so I can't sell these yet I don't think.

Miscellaneous Collection Updates:

While it's not Pokémon-related, I wanted to also bring up this little addition to my collection!
it's a t-shirt of the game "Freedom Planet" a high-speed 2D platformer, inspired by several Genesis/Megadrive games.
If you haven't heard of it yet do check it out, it's really fun and looks gorgeous!
This shirt was part of a teespring campaign, I heard there will be more in the future but I don't know when!

That's the collection update for today!
I could add on the stuff that arrived today, but it's getting pretty long already~
I'll do a follow-up post tomorrow with more updates! :D

Thank you for reading and/or visiting my website!
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