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Venusaur identification help! + sales

Wow, so I got my Red Nendoroid yesterday and did this pic last night...

Little realizing Mewtwo would be announced for the new Smash Bros today... XD;;; Anyway--

I think I might start up a small Venusaur collection~
I'm trying to stay away from my tendency to keep just EVERY related thing when it comes to any collection (Charizard seems to be my only pure exception so far, but I've made a lot of smaller exceptions to my other big collections like Reshiram), but I also have a weakness for big, detailed things and cutely derpy things XD;;

So I got this Venusaur figure (with its vines sticking out) in a random lot and I looked up a few Venusaur collections to identify it with no luck :O Anybody want to enlighten me please?

It's pretty big and heavy BP and the print on the bottom says it's from 1998.

I also got a couple more of the really nice old retired posable TOMY Venusaur pictured in there which are up on my sales post below~
I've got another big bundle of items I need to add to the post but new job is eating up most of the time for me to work on that all at once, but lots of new things are up and new things will be continuously coming as I get time to update the listings!

Click here or the image below to go to the sales page!

rules and SALES! )

Thanks for looking :D
Tags: figures, gets, mewtwo, sales, venusaur
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