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Pokemon Day Singapore!

Pokemon Day Maxsoft Website

Today was a really special day because it was Singapore's very own POKEMON DAY! :D
There was also a football game going: Albirex Niigata VS Home United (Singapore's).
It was rather disappointing in terms of merchandise sales and decoration.

HOWEVER, there was 2 special freebies that was thrown into the crowd!
There were VERY LIMITED pieces!
I only managed to get one of it!!
Here's some hints: It was an item that was released in 2012 and it is our main mascot.
I've separated the special freebie as a separate cut so that you can skip event pictures if you like. :3

The queue to the pokemon event was CRAZY long. The queue was basically the length of the stadium. xD
Everyone was holding onto their 3DS, so I guess most of them came for shiny gengar! :3
The event was suppose to start at 6:30pm. I arrived at 6:30pm and was ALLLLLLL the way back. I waited nearly 45 minutes to get in.


The decoration at the stadium was very minimal. It was just large stickers pasted on the wall and 2 small booths of pokemon being sold on tables. Honestly, there were too many people so I couldn't even snap a picture.
They were selling pokedolls, pokemon center plush, pikachu number keychains, pikachu iphone case, pokemon petit mascots and type focus files.
They were the same price as the stores in Singapore so it wasn't very exciting or cheap. /:


And here's a bunch of pictures of Pikachu and his cheerleaders from Japan. xD


Albirex Niigata brought little kids to the stadium and they were all wearing pikachu hats!!
It was soooo adorable! They totally stole the show and my heart. :3


Here is all the freebies I've taken from the event. x'D



I had NO idea what they were throwing in the crowd!
I saw the pikachu hat *as shown on the little kids* being thrown and I got extremely excited!!

I STOOD UP from my seat and the Japanese player saw me. He threw it towards me but it went to the couple behind me.
Luckily, they accidentally SMACKED it instead and FELL ON MY BESTFRIEND'S BACK.
I screamed and grabbed it HAHAHA It was such an adreline rush. xD
Thankfully my bestfriend is not pokemon crazy so she didn't really care.

Quick questions:
If you have 2 shiny gengar codes, can you download both into your game or is it restricted?
Also, is it possible to trade away the shiny gengar to another person THEN download another?

Thank you!
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