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Pokemon Center Charizard

My purchase from Pokemon Center finally arrived today! And as promised to some, I would make a post about him so we could figure out somethings. Though...I do believe some questions might have been answer in some other threads. But let's still take a look at him, shall we?

2014-10-24 22.34.432014-10-24 22.35.05
Well first off, I couldn't be happier to have this guy. I always vowed to myself, my first Pokedoll would be Charizard and I held myself to it. That, and Charizard was my favorite Pokemon growing up. Even used to walk around with beanie Hasbro Charizard as a kid...but that's another story.

Over all I do like his design, but one thing that annoys me is that he isn't exactly able to sit up on his own. Not sure if that's a thing common with Pokedolls, so let me know. But from the looks of it, I think he matches up to the 2012 Pokedoll version? I used images from Pokevault to help me come to that conclusion but if anyone has both, feel free to match him up with them. As the tags are no help since they state 2014 :/
2014-10-24 22.36.51

I think many have already found out, but yes Charizard does come with the little square tags. I'm a bit happy and disappointed. One because I love the old round ones, but second I do like the fact that these are easier to detach and hang onto.
2014-10-24 22.36.35

And now the other fatal flaw in this was a little mark or stitching I noticed was off on him.
2014-10-24 22.37.35
Not really sure what's up with that really :/ I'm guessing during his shipment, but then again he was bubbled wrapped and in a box so I'm not exactly sure. That's the only other thing that disappointed me in him as you can see it if you look directly at it. Though a quick glance...not so much?

So overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase from Pokemon Center as shipping was rather quick (got to me in 2 days), but the fact he can't sit up just annoys me and that annoying white stitch is going to drive my small OCD brain insane. But I guess I'll manage. Until next time everyone!

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