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WANT: ~~~~Japanese WHISCASH items~~~~

Looking for any whiscash stuff. Heres a short list of some items that I know of and WANT:

-TCG - all except clash of the blue skies (there are only 5 total)
-TOP vs battle cards (there are 2 as far as I know-lanturn vs and marshtomp vs)
-Retsuden stamper***
-Whiscash Kid figure cards/stickers (the ones that come with the packaging)
-Hiragana card
-Ruin maniac Zuril e reader card
-Ruby/Sapphire playing card decks ~~ currently scouting for the complete decks, but if you have just the whiscash.... :)
-Figures (low priority)
-Amada/pan stickers (also low priority)

Whiscash is one of those under appreciated gen 3 pokemon so its dammmmmn hard to find stuff on this guy. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!
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