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Some pretty pictures and some TFG questions.

Hello all!! First, i shall ask my question!!

I really love the TFG series... and i would love to start collecting them, but im curious, how do you tell if they are a bootleg? as i know that there are bootlegs of them out there... and also if any of the groundbreaker series were actually released or if they are all bootlegged? because i have seen some older posts about it here on the Comm...... so yeah.. mainly.. how do i know if its a bootleg...

Also, I went to Garden city the other day... and there are SOOOOO many stores that now sell pokemon merch by the boat load that is definitely official and very cheap!! (because theyre always having sales!!) when i get sale rights i might compile a list and see if the comm allows me to do some pick ups.. as there is like... gigantic pokemon plush... and bulk of the tomy series figures... and all sorts of other thingy mabobs... which leads me into my pretty picture section of the post....

I FINALLY FOUND MY TOMY TYRANITAR FROM THE SERIES 2 FIGURES! and he is beautiful and so happy looking
(picture stolen from google tho because its dark and im sleepy)
and on the same day, was told about the Mega T-Tar tomy figure line coming out that i am going to go absolutely crazy if i dont get him... also i got my T-tar for $4!!! which is like $3USD because australia. He was the last one left but there are oh so many other figures!!!

some other arrivals for the week:
My T-Tar zukan.. which i adore.. look at that tiny little baby larvitar <3 <3 <3 and the Fuzzy tomy larvitar... although he isnt sealed like my sitting version!! i must find a sealed one so i can snuggle with this one!! also looking for a non sealed Stick larvitar <3 <3 <3 <3 so much love in this one single post.. didnt think it was possible!!

soooooo i was also re organising my shelf space for when all the goodies i have bought off of the community makes its way into my nest... and i took some nice shiny photos!! because i love my room :O
but first.. have some more Larvitar goodness...


now this sides all clean and stuff.. the other sides getting a little cramped..

I am really excited for some of my stuff to get here from the comm <3 <3 <3

Alsoooo, could anyone i have purchased off please leave me feedback (: cause i want to get sales rights soon (: (:

Andd wants the same as usual. Anything Tyranitar, Pupitar or Larvitar you are selling and such.. i am interested in purchasing.. i will not stop until i have them all O.O

Hope everyones enjoying their weekend so far :D
Tags: larvitar, pupitar, tyranitar
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