Betsy (mrsmuffet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

re-intro to the community! and wants

Hii! i thought id make a re-intro post to the community since i dissapeared for a year or so due to moving and getting married ect @_@. Anyway! Im 27 i live in Österreich originally from the US and i collect whismur, wailord, budew and my side is Numel. I love round pokemon in general! but cant collect all the round pokes so i just focus on a few i love!! (also getting into pumkaboo and goomy cant resist! ) Iv been collectig  pokemon for about 3 years now i think on and off! i always feel like collecting makes me feel like a child again and its why i love collecting ^_^.

Here is my collection site (havent updated it in forevers! )

right now im looking for Whismur non flats that i dont own.

My grail!! and what id reallly love for christmas is this guy right here iv been searching for him over 2 years! I saw him on Yahoo japan a couple months back im not sure if anyone bought the lot but if you do have them please contact me i would love to buy him off you! He is a magnetic whismur plush he was released with other magnetic plushes. Looks similar to the whismur pokeball (the one that can change into a pokeball)  but has magnents on his hands and one on his back. rest of my wants list.

Thanks so much for reading ^_^ hopefully i can get a collection update soon!!
Tags: whismur
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