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Collection Update :D

Since school started back up after my last collection update, it's been a little harder to devote time to expanding my collection from this point..... But that doesn't mean I haven't had tons of stuff I ordered during the summer coming in the mail all this time! :O

Version on my journal with larger images.

Full s
Pretty much no growth overall except for in the Pokemon section. But that's the most fun section anyway ^^

Pokef s
I think the winner for most growth this time around would have to be Lucario. There are just too many nice Lucario items to buy!

Abs s
Absol collection is still on the smaller side compared to some of the others, but I managed to get a nice movie medal and trading coin. My Absol wants are proving a tad elusive for the time being.

Zoro s
My Zoroark collection actually had the least growth this time around. Just managed to get one of the elusive medal collection coins and that's it. Still staying vigilant for when those other colors show up.

Luc s
Oh, man, I don't even know where to start with the new stuff here. I'm such a hater when it comes to mega-evolution, but the mega-Lucario figure that comes with the new TCG box looked so good that I had to relent, if only for a moment, and snag one for myself. Also managed to get a Lucario resin cube. It's such a unique item that really does look fantastic and I'm glad to have it in my collection. I bought a lot of quite a few random medal collection coins hoping for the Lucario coin and, after looking through EVERY SINGLE COIN, it ended up being the last one in the pile. Was so happy to have it jump out at me when all hope seemed lost. And new pokechummy Lucario plush. I never planned on including any plush in my collection, but this one is just such a cutie that I had to make an exception for him. He looks so silly and I love it <3

Umb s
Lots of new Umbreon! Got my Ippai umbreon and my chou get Umbreon and that craaaaazy zukan with all the Eeevee evolutions. Can't get over how small the scale on it is. Eevee's in such danger of being accidentally inhaled, he needs all his evolution-buddies to protect him XD

Hon s
Not much new going on with my Honedge collection save for finally getting the gold metal collection piece to complete my set. Very happy about that ^^

And that's my collection for now! Thanks for taking a look ^^
Feel free to check out my wants if you'd like to help my collection grow and think you've got something I'd be interested in. I'm always looking for that next item to add!
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