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le Sales + Drink Strap Bottle Openers in stores now

Response/Shipping Update 12.5: Saw some comments on how people haven't gotten their packages yet, but it's been almost 3 weeks. I'm going to check at my local post office tomorrow to see if anything came back. Hopefully it's just the holiday mail and nothing being returned. I'll have responded to inquiries after I go tomorrow after noon. I've been trying to get online and comment when I can this past week, but I could be more responsive, which I will try my utmost to be tomorrow. If you are terribly concerned/it's almost at the 35 day mark, I will not be offended whatsoever if you decide you want to put in a paypal dispute in the meanwhile.

*I'll be on Friday , Nov 7th to get back to comments. It's been a really tough two weeks at work. If I don't reply to you by Sat. the 8th, I played comment catchup and I will be sporadically on during the remainder of the day. If I have not gotten back to you, please feel free to email me at and title the message "Pkmncollectors + your LJ name". That email gets pushed directly to my phone and I have filters on so it should get marked as important :3. If you respond to a comment I've posted today, I will try to get back to you by Monday, Nov 10th, if not sooner. I also had a brief moment of insanity, and thought it was October. If you get a comment referencing October, I meant Nov.*

Sales! I had guests over this weekend and I went shopping and impused bought, whoops, plus some things finally came from YJ for my Flareon collection, so I finally collected some stuff and redid my sales post. I stilll have an overwhelming amount of plush, but for now, maybe I can home these things <3 I took a lot of overtime work this month to pay for my vacation in December plus I had some personal business going on, so that's kept me pretty busy, too. I'll return to my regular shipping schedule this week <3

Shipping Status (if your name is not here after you've paid, please let me know because that means I might have missed you ;____;):

Shipping StatusCollapse )


Sale's PoliciesCollapse )
SalesCollapse )

I also wanted to share some cool bottle openers that are in stores at the moment! I haven't seen them on the community yet, so I hope it's okay to show them here =3

They're Dydo straps! There are 12 variations. I've only seen them in one store so far (a NewsDay), but maybe someone will run a pickup since they're pretty cute =3

I'll be on and off answering comments regularly and getting back to people over the next 24 hrs, but, I will not be on again from Saturday morning until Monday morning regularly as I'm going on a weekend trip =3 - 10.30.14
My friend became very sick yesterday, so I ended up cancelling my weekend trip to Osaka and I'm getting stuff done =3
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