spiderlizard22 (spiderlizard22) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sad day today

I was bidding on a porygon2 plush keychain with a tag on yahoo japan and lost. It is such a shame since Most people who have it tend to not sell it and when one does I get outbidded. At least I saved money but I would rather have the porygon2 plush keychain. If you have a porygon2 plush keychain then I will be willing to buy it, Especally if you need or want to get extra money. I can pay right away and I can pay it where you keep 100% of the money plus shipping. Let me know if you find someone willing to sell their porygon2 plush keychain. Bonus if it has a mint tag.
Tags: plush, porygon2
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