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Day-late collection update!

Well, well, well...
I'm a day late with this update, I'm so terrible with procrastinating!
Anyway, hey again everyone!
Mega-Gardevoir here again with another collection update,
this one has a lot of stuff that I love, there's 4 holy grails for me in here too!
(They may not mean something absurdly rare or pricey, but some of the things I've wanted the most for a long time)
Check below the cut, or on my website, for all of the photos!

Visit to see my entire collection & recent updates!

Gardevoir Collection Updates:

The Pokémon Time Gardevoir Sketch BOok is something I've been looking for for a while now,
I saw one pop-up on a Japanese yahoo auction, but I wasn't able to bid because of internet issues at the time.
BUT, I managed to buy TWO of these babies in an auction! I'm so happy I got these, they're so pretty, I love the Pokémon Time art style!
And this Gardevoir sketch book was a big missing piece from my collection, I'm glad I own this grail now!

This one is a bit special, it's the 2008 Gardevoir JAKKS figure, another grail.
I found one on a japanese auction site and managed to win it, it was on the expensive side,
but I couldn't say no. The figure itself isn't in perfect condition (no scratches or broken parts, just a bit dirty)
But I'm pretty sure I can clean it up (any figure cleaning tips greatly appreciated!)
(close-up of the second photo, showing the manufacturing text)

This is the Japanese 2006 "Imprison! Gardevoir ex Constructed Standard Deck" (構築済みデッキ 封印!サーナイトex)
This is also a grail of mine after I saw it on an auction a few months ago, I lost the bid because it went over my maximum offer.
I was so sad about it too, even though that particular one wasn't in good condition (torn box, lost coin, unknown cards conditions, etc.)
I looked through the auctions pretty much daily at that point, hoping to see another one of these pop up, and after a few months, one did show up!
This one was a lot cheaper for me, since I was the only one who placed a bid, and I'm so happy, because this one is in pretty much perfect condition!
The box even looks unopened to me, no dents or tears or anything! I love this one to bits!

These ones were hard to find, hot dang! The last of my grails in this post as well.
I'm not sure what year these came out, but they sure are rare to find these days!
I bought what I thought was a packet of these on a japanese auction, but it turned out to be just two sleeves,
they hadn't arrived to me yet, but I had a suspicion that's what it was, so I looked for more.
Lucky for me, an offer for TWO full packets came up on the same site several days later!
That was so amazing timing as well! I bought those, and now I have 2 full packets and 2 sleeves of these in my collection!

This is a Japanese profile card from 2004, I'm not sure what these were part of,
but I'm sure glad it's part of my collection now :D

These two metal tags i bought on eBay for pretty cheap!
The condition was listed in the post as 'poor' but I wanted to give it a shot anyway, since they were so cheap.
I was surprised to find one of them is actually in pretty good condition!
the other ione, obviously in pretty poor condition, but still glad I bought them all the same!

This is a pretty recent rubber strap/keychain from the Banpresto UFO catchers.

This is the last Gardevoir item for today's post, it's a Japanese Gardevoir Lv.X trading card!
This rare holo Lv. X from the 2007 Dawn Dash set is also 1st Edition, and in very well preserved condition!

General Pokémon Collection Updates:

This is the only non-Gardevoir item on my post today!
It's the Pokémon Center Exclusive Pokémon Trainer Red Nendoroid~
I plan on unboxing it so I can display it in my collection once I can get those set up
(this can take a while though, unfortunately, I need more room to set up displays etc.)

That was pretty long~
Sorry it was a day late, I spent most of yesterday uploading the photos to my website and playing video games & watching youtube
By the time I had finished the work on the website, I was too tired to write up this post, so not really procrastinating but still procrastinating xD;

Thank you so much for reading and/or visiting my website!
I hope you enjoyed, and I'd love eharing from you all! <3

- Mega Gardevoir

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