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Contest Reminder!! Also kinda big news...

Today is the absolute last day to subit your Halloween Contest entry!

Don't miss out!

Now on to the news...
This is kind of big on a personal level and on a proffesional level for it may affect both. (and currently is)

So I have gotten back pain in one spot on and off for a while now, and about 3 days ago it was really bothering me. Well I was feeling my back and it felt as if there was a 2-3in gap between 2 spineous processes (the big bimps on your spine). So as soon as I woke up I when to the chiropractor and asked about it and getting x-rays. The Doctor adjusted me and said a cough or something sudden could shift the bone like that. Well I had a sledding incident about 5 years back, where I went down a less that 45 degree hill on a metal slet. It hit a rock or something and nicked me right where that bone was.

I got the x-rays done and saw him again same day. He said that I had a few fractures in a few of my lamina (the cup like spaces next to each spineous procceses/big bumps) that had healed and obviouly been there for quite some time. He also said that this could cause the faucets (actual joins of the spine) to develope arthritis, which I have a mild case of. Over time this could cause inflamation to the point of pinching nerves, and/or bone spurs to form and cut/pinch off nerves as well. Well this hit me pretty hard, I still have yet to fully accept it but I will with time.

Now what this means with work is that I will have to be aware of my condition and work with it. This may entail more/longer breaks from sewing, to hanging upsidown every now and then to decompress the joints and reduce the pressure.

I'm sorry for the lengthy post or if this is against any rules! (I will move the story if it is) but my commissioners and future commissioners need to know what has happened!

So this is why there has been a slight dely in commission updates. First off receiving the news has gotten me a little down in the dumps, and secondly, my back has actually been hurting because of the arthritis. Those two combined I just felt like a useless blob :(

I will be working on the Noivern Pokedoll today however, for I fell a little more high spirited and rested my back for a few days. It's still sore but I can do some hand sewing lying down for now.

and I'm super sorry if this scared anyone!! That was not my intention!! If it make you guys feel better, even if I discovered the injury when it happened there was almost nothing Doctors or I could have done differently!

but definitely check out the competition above i fyou haven't yet ^^
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