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collection update & news!

I received a few things in the mail recently I feel the need to share them with you guys!


Togekiss was one of my ultimate wants and I'm happy that I finally own one. The tag isn't perfect, but the actual Pokedoll is in great condition! I also managed to get a Spinda & a Kyogre Pokedoll, but they're both on their way to my mailbox. Once those two arrive, I will be taking a break from finding old Pokedolls until after they announce new ones & I've collected the ones I want from that. I'm super glad to be apart of this community, but it's definitely hurting my wallet, so I've got to start really saving my money for when I actually need it. I've got almost everything I want out of my collection, so I won't need to spend as much as I've been for when I do find something I want. So yeah, break time for me. I'll still be lurking around here though, so you won't have to miss me. LOL. I will definitely post a photo of my whole collection once Spinda & Kyogre arrive.

I have also put out another Pokemon merch update on my YouTube. I'm sure it's filled with everything you all already know as we're pretty up to date on here, but this is for mainly the people who aren't as fortunate as we are with news, but maybe there's something in it you haven't heard about? We could consider this as almost a merch news recap. I do plan on investing in making these videos better, but that will take some time until I get a computer that can handle something like that and playing games because my poor old laptop can barely handle a YouTube video... Anyway, feel free to watch and give me suggestions of how I can make them better in the future! I'm still working on my voice, but I think I've improved since my last one.

Tags: duskull, kyogre, munna, pansage, pokedoll, spinda, togekiss
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