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introduction and a few wants

Hello everyone! I'm Ariel and I live in the US. This is my first time actually trying to have a collection, before this it's been getting something here or there. I've already bought a bit from the community, which comprises most of my "collection" now. (maybe I'll post some pictures later, but there isn't much)

I tend to collect the Pokemon that I build my game OCs around. Right now, I'm collecting kids of the team that I'm going to use in OR, as well as other Pokemon that pertain to that character. The decision was more on a whim when I saw that all of her Pokemon were kids. In the past I've gotten a few things of Lopunny, Mudkip, and Eevee. (Lopunny being my favorite Pokemon from Platinum, Mudkip and Eevee being my characters from the Mystery Dungeon games.) I guess, in general, I like cat Pokemon, water types, and psychic types.

Onto the wants:

Eelektross (not the attack version please)
And my grail: Shiny Flygon!

I've been looking for a Shiny Flygon for a long time but never, it seems, at the right time.
Clear Hypno and Clear Attack Rapidash are also on my list, but there're not as high of a priority.

Clear blue Psyduck mini model (The ones that look like a shiny Psyduck! ^_^)
Tags: introductions, kids, wants
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