neutralemotions (neutralemotions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update + Youmacon

Hey everybody! I feel like it has been a while since I last showed off my collection, so why not make a collection update as we get towards the end of the year! My collecting has slowed down a bit recently (both for a lack of space and due to a huge repair bill for my car >m>), but I've been doing my best to keep up with whatever new merch I find of my 'Saurs! Here's some pics of my main collections below the cut!

Here's my main collection shelf! As you can see, I'm starting to run out of space ;w; I don't really have the room for more shelves for my pokemon, but I'm trying to find something that works with the small amount of space I have to work with ^-^

Some close-ups of my saur figures. I have a few larger figures that are elsewhere until I make a spot for them.

My shiny pokemon, raikous, and some figures from side collections

My glaceon figures (and other eeveelutions). So happy to have that shiny glaceon kid <3

And another pic of my stack of saur plushies <3

Feel free to check out my collection site here!

Also, is anyone else here planning to attend Youmacon in Detroit next week? I'll be staying for the whole convention, and I'd love to see some other collectors while I'm there! I'm excited to see what sort of pokemon merch and customs might be there this year!
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