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Nov. 1st Pokecen Pick-up & Updates from the PC from this weekend!

Hey guys! I've got some updates from the PC from this weekend with loads of pics and I've also got my next pick up available on my LJ! The deadline for this pick up taking place on Nov. 1st is:

Payment deadline: October 30th, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST

Click the banner below to be transported or click Here to view the pick-up entry!
prnzssalesbanner fw

I'll be picking up Petits and Pokecen plush released last weekend, as well as Pokemon Petit Figure Straps, Pokemon Petit Stationary line goods, and 2014 Christmas merchandise all being released that day!

The pick up also includes Pre-orders for goods coming out on Nov. 8th including ORAS Pokecen Plush (Kirlia, Gulpin & that beautiful Sableye plush) as well as the awesome New Years merch! :D *Full New Years line up will be available after the 1st.
AAND! ➭ Little Tales merch, Pokemon OOPS!, and Spooky party goods are still fully available for anyone still looking! I also have 2015 Daily planners/diaries listed as well for those looking to stay organized in the new year. :3
For the seasons Pokedolls or charms, file a FFA Request to tag on to your promo order! LOADS to choose from this time around so FFA Requests are encouraged ♡

On to Pics from the Pokecen! Below the cut is mecha (super) image heavy but also super colorful ;D

For those who placed an order for pick ups last week, here are all your goodies!
I'll be shipping out and leaving feedback for everyone tonight! Once you receive my feeback, take that as a sign from me that your package has been shipped! After shipment I'll update the "Shipping Updates" section at the top of the entry with the exact date and any other info so be sure to check that if you're curious about your order!
10410860_340155509489581_6481392212701722514_n copy
Looks all warm and fuzzy, a bit like Christmas morning! <3

Following are some pics from the PC this weekend! Look at all the colors! All those plush make a rainbow, I love it. <3

Photo 2014-10-25 13 56 29
ORAS Hype!

Photo 2014-10-25 13 56 22
New Pokecen Plush! Latias/Latios were extra popular amongst the Japanese customers so they have a bit extra shelf room :D They were beautiful plush, super soft and hard inserts in the wings which gives them a great shape. I love how Latias is just a tad bit smaller in size, it's so cute ;-;
Altaria has some nice fuzzy material which looks great, and that Ralts! <33

Mascots released this Sat :D Pink and blue! These latios/latias mascots are actually SUPER adorable. If I wasn't trying to maintain self control regarding plush I would definitely have picked up a pair.

Photo 2014-10-25 13 53 57

Photo 2014-10-25 13 54 05
All da plushies ;w;

Photo 2014-10-25 13 54 50
Huge plush section!

Photo 2014-10-25 13 48 07
Spooky Party Display!

Photo 2014-10-25 13 56 58
Tons of merch from the promo still available too.

Photo 2014-10-25 13 48 28
T-..THIS LIGHT! Agh! <33

This is what it looks like turned on! SOO awesome.

Photo 2014-10-25 14 05 34
Pikachu OOPS still plenty in stock! Those socks are cute!

Photo 2014-10-25 13 50 45
So much yello! Pikachu, in all different promo styles!

Photo 2014-10-25 13 50 31
Mega plush!

Photo 2014-10-25 13 50 27
Big Eevees and Mega Charizard X back in stock! :D

Photo 2014-10-25 13 50 22
Mega Gengars still available

Photo 2014-10-25 14 09 55
Mascots making a rainbow!

Photo 2014-10-25 14 09 04
All the Little Tales stationary merch! I've got my eye on that memo stamper and possibly the planner and red/white vinyl case

Photo 2014-10-25 14 09 30
Household goods! Those slippers are tempting since winters coming up and I think the zipper pouches are really well made. The blanket was also super soft, and the print is so cute with all the pokemon featured. v-v

Photo 2014-10-25 13 57 26
I know some people were asking about the bags so here's a picture of the ones they had on display! I think the quilting on the puffy one is really cute. <3

Photo 2014-10-25 13 59 59
2015 Diary/Planners!

Photo 2014-10-26 14 31 51
My little mascot! I love the flower band on this little guy, it's so fashionable xD
The other one is shipping off to Canada to a friend <3 The hands connect via magnet which is adorable.
Next time they'll be united again will be when she comes back to JP! Come back soon~ ;w;

Thanks for looking!
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