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A collection coming to a close

After all these year on the com a part of my collection is now over
I have finally collected one of every type of dragonite figure, I don't have all of the various colors and such of all the figures and I doubt I ever will with the mini models but I am extremely satisfied with what I have managed to aquire
 photo IMG_7672_zpsc1b06cb1.jpg
this was the final figure and I owe it all to my friend baconscreation help that I have obtained this last rare beauty

now for a full nite collection update
 photo IMG_7675_zpsa5232259.jpg
an overview of my main display case
 photo IMG_7686_zps16844ffc.jpg
 photo IMG_7685_zps7d13015e.jpg
and a view of my secondary display case that hold my larger items
 photo IMG_7676_zps458889a6.jpg
right side of the top shelf
 photo IMG_7681_zpse8db0a9c.jpg
middle of the top shelf
 photo IMG_7681_zpse8db0a9c.jpg
left side of the top shelf
 photo IMG_7677_zps1b5a4d3c.jpg
right side of the middle figure shelf photo IMG_7678_zps2dc5e817.jpg
close up
 photo IMG_7680_zps7a4ffc6a.jpg
 photo IMG_7684_zpsd4e0f303.jpg
middle of the shelf
 photo IMG_7683_zps5d9af767.jpg
left side of the shelf
 photo IMG_5481_zps5fcf8105.jpg
 photo IMG_5482_zps4abb978e.jpg
 photo IMG_5483_zps5109c80b.jpg
 photo b689a1e9-ae24-42a3-b8cc-c66811eaf479_zps6a60e452.jpgI don't have this one on display yet since I am still looking for a matching frame
my setteis

Now for my biggest want this elusive cookie tin from the sleeping spikey eared Pichu promotion
 photo nitetin_zpsa3f7864f.png

and as always a sales plug
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