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merch hunting help or resources?

Hello, fellow pkmncollectors~

After a couple weeks of saving up, I think I'm more ready to start buying some things, but I'm having some issues. ; A ; I... I don't know what Scrafty merchandise is out there!!

Now, I'd normally do the work for myself, and I've done a bit, but most of the things I'm seeing just look like a lot of bootlegged figures and a bootlegged, somewhat ugly plush u__u I'm just not sure where to look! If someone could aid me with finding things, that'd be amazing. Or, even better, teach a man to fish and show me where I should be looking to see what merchandise exists :D

Here's a list of things I already know exist.

Any TCG card of Scrafty
Scraggy-Scrafty evolution charm line
MPC Scrafty plushie
Scrafty kid figure

I haven't been able to find any information on if there's even a Tomy figure of him... ;__; why is there so little of my favorite /weeps

Please delete this post if this isn't really allowed ;x; I just wanna at least know where I should go for future questions like this! (I want to start a bigger Satoshi/Ash collection, too, so it'd be nice to have a resource!)

In order to make this post more interesting, have a Scrafty I drew a while back /o/

Thanks for looking, I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend!
Tags: scrafty, wanted
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