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Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

I Got a Perfect Week

How I Met Your Mother anyone? Anyone?
Anyway, rather than having a perfect week in the Barney Stinson sense, I got a perfect week with gets. A PACKAGE AT MY DOOR EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Not counting Sunday xD
This was exactly what I needed this week. Exactly what I needed 0w0
Here's a little preview, the rest is under the cuts~
Oh, and some days have picture stories :D

I love dat poofy hair <3 Here's N and my Pokemon Y trainer OC, they have a little thing going on there hehe~
(Btw the camera made the colors less bright, the hat of my trainer OC is actually dark blue)

And normal hair is good too xD That's May and myself, best buddies~

All those prints were made by the lovely toxiee <3 I got them just before I was going to the doctors office on Monday... so it was good timing ;w;
She even included this little note~


I wonder how she knew I loved Latios :P


I also got these bookmarks by agui_chan, they're absolutely lovely~


Now I have quite a few... I need to think of more characters to commission xD

I named him Inigo xD


Treecko wants to be left alone right now it seems, he can't beat the final boss in FE:A and is pretty annoyed about that.

Unfortunately Treecko can't play DS all day because homework is a thing. You can really see how much Treecko loves homework in this pic.

He's all worn out now and decided to take a quick nap~

I put him under the covers so he doesn't get cold <3

Treecko decided to help me with perler sprite commissions now! I had to kick him out because he decided to improvise on that Fennekin... Fennekin's are yellow, Treecko. NOT green.


And Treecko brought two little cuties with him from Japan :D


They decided to torture Charizard a bit. Go on Sceptile, keep believing that grass beats fire ^^;;;


And lastly, look who decided to show up!
It's my very own Phantump ;w; It still bothers me that he doesn't have an official plush. He's basically my favorite pokemon from this region >w<


Litleo has been waiting for his buddy for a while now :D But now they're reunited at last~ They were both made by vulpes_canis, and they did an excellent job on both. Phantump is absolutely perfect in every way, I mean look at that smile ;w;


This little guy was VERY difficult to photograph, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that he's gorgeous. Who doesn't love Noibat's wrapped around marbles? He was made by someone on storenvy x3


And they included this really cute thank you note too! The cellphone charm isn't new, I just wanted to include all my Noibat things here. I don't have much, MAYBE BECAUSE NINTENDO DECIDED TO AVOID ALL MY FAVORITES LIKE THEY HAVE A DISEASE OR SOMETHING.


And I got my Skitty from the GA I cohosted with partywooper~ I've been looking for this little guy for such a long time for a decent price >w<


They're trying to figure out what that kanji says. Not all my gets were exactly pokemon xD So if anyone wants to translate for them, they would really, really appreciate it lol


My parents brought back Giratina from NYC <3 It's really weird they showed up there all of a sudden, I guess they found a box in the back lol
I was originally hoping to get mega Absol or mega Venasaur, but they sold out by the time my parents got there. And I didn't know they had Braixen... I guess I'll have to ask them to go back and pick one up for me :P My sister got a Dedenne pokedoll, she's pretty cute too~


Giratina didn't last long though, because my friday get decided to slay him. He was only trying to make friends.


Does she even look sorry? No, no she doesn't.

-moving on-


The three Sinnoh legendaries are having a sticker party. My poor FE:A stickers aren't gonna last long here...
I think they're trying to analyze them xD

Anyway, those are all my gets from this week! <3 Hope you enjoyed the little stories, and congrats if you read the whole post, you get a cookie.

I have been struggling with migraines the past few months, and these past few weeks have been really difficult for me. I missed a lot of school because I've been in a pretty big amount of pain, and I've been spending most of my time lying in bed. I have been working on commissions but not nearly as quickly as I would like to, so it may take me a little longer to complete them then I previously said ;w; Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about them and I haven't been slacking on them, I just can't really work when it's difficult to sit up without feeling dizzy. You'll see them soon, but if you could give me a few extra weeks I'd really appreciate it <3
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