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DX Pikachu Pokedoll quick sale!

Hi there! I went to Nintendo World on Friday, and it was awesome. =) They had tons of Poké plushes including this chubby Pikachu! I bought him on impulse for myself, but I really don't have room for him at all (seriously have no idea what I was thinking -__-). So if someone here wants to give him a nice loving home that would be great.

$55 OBO all the rules from my sales apply (the link is below)
Shipping domestic on this guy will be between $6.70 and $18.10 depending on where you live. I may be able to get it a little cheaper even if I can find a light box for shipping.
Shipping internationally will be between $19.35 and $31.85 depending on where I'm shipping to and also how light of a box I can find to ship him in.
SOLD! Please let me know if you are after this guy though as my dad had bought an extra one specifically to sell. I think he was looking to get $55 as well. The transaction would still happen completely through me, so all my sales rules still apply.

I also got that Bulbasaur at NW. Along with some Sylveons and Char line plushes. I might be willing to part with a Sylveon if someone is looking for one with a US version tag.


Also sales plug! I added choco figures and I still have discounts going on for stickers or items from eBay:
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