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Very small, very sandy collection update + wants list.

Hello all the various people here I don't know!! I has me some business nobody cares about! : D

First of which is.... Sandy Burmy and Wormadam zukan get! (about a week or so ago actually, but I didn't wanna post for only one thing) It was hard to find and not cheap, but sandy burmy and womadam zukan are get! Of course now I have extras of the other pokemon in set 5..... but hey! Sandy wormadam is an awesome pokemon and you all know it!!! This was like, the closest thing to a grail I had so I'm quiet happycontent.

Second of all, I made a list of non zukan wants. If anyone has anything on the list and would be willing to sell (or possibly trade, but, I don't have much in the ways of trading) it'd be awesome. I'm very very very low on money at the moment though so....yeah. I wish I could sell some stuff, buuut, no permission so ah well.

Sandy madam and burmy! Sandy madam is one of the best bugs out there man. Well....a lot of bugs are awesome....actually.

And now onto my wants list!

What I want:

Any shiny pokemon kid figure. I know they're rare, but I used to be a shiny collector, so I'd kinda like to amass some shiny pokemon stuff. The main shiny pokemon I'd want are Nintales, Umbreon, Eevee (cause my gf likes em and I like to get her stuff), Scizor, Mismagius, Gastrodon West, Cradily, Empoleon, Heracross, PALKIA, Marill, or Pidgeotto (I have these guys on my game and use em all fairly often, so I'd kinda like to get em in figure form). I'd take anything though cause I have no least favorite pokemon. I literally like everything.

Rayquaza, mew, or umbreon star. (these'd be for my gf)

Something cute / cool and cradily, crawdaunt, or mawile related that's not a plushie or card.

A ninetales plushie of some sort.

And um....that's it. Sorry I have such a crappy list (and probably an expensive one too : D;;;;). Zukans are my main thing and I don't really have many other wants. : D;; If anyone has that stuff and would like to trade, I have a bunch of random holo cards, those DP set 5 zukans (though they seem so easy to get I doubt anyone wants any), and some random old Tomy figures with paintrubs. (I doubt anyone'd want those either). If anyone somehow IS interested though, I could get some pictures / list what pokemon / cards I have.

Okay then.............one more thing! I got a curio to hold some zukan cause they took up pretty much every flat table like space in my room!

And here it is!

Behold its curio-osity!

Another pic from a different angle.

And that is honestly it! Nothing else! : D
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