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MCM Comic Con goodies + Shiny umbreon pillow! :D

These are all the plushies I got from the con, apart from PC goomy and the Applause Wartortle that was bought after this picture was taken. It might be too tiny to be considered as a plush but the gloom is handsewn and very soft. She's so precious. There's only one official plush that I know about her and that's a rare bell plush. So sweet. I love all these new gets, although I think Swirlix is a bootie because her tush tag says 2012 instead of 2012 but she's still beautiful and feels nice to touch.

This is the wartortle that I purchased. He's good friends with my Kuta Snubbull.

I bought Goomy from a stall representing a store named Sushinoms. They sold various flavoured kit kats and some pokemon charms. They remembered me from Hyper Japan when I bought the Goomy set charms and they thought my fennekin bag, goomy top and blissey necklace was adorable. The goomy was expensive but really worth it. I have two custom goomys so now I have a holy trinity of goomys. ^_^

Only the Sylveon, Espeon, Venusaur Scatterbug are new. I think they go well with my collection.

Love my Jessie and Jamies figures. The new ones here are Mawile, Dedenne and Charizard.

This is my favourite get from Comic Con. I love this pillow. The art is so beautiful and really well made. I can't believe I only paid £12 for it though. When I first saw it I thought it was going to be really expensive but it was quite reasonable.

Thanks for looking!
Items I'm waiting for
* Shiny Oshawott Plushie
* Liligant halo card
* Bellossom halo card
* Clefable Tomy Figure
* Burger King Togepi Plush
* HGSS & Assortment stickers
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